ENERGIE’s thermodynamic solar hot water systems are getting more and more popular, not just domestically, but also commercially, as ENERGIE have just finished installing their systems into a popular 56-room hotel.

The ECO XL Thermodynamic Solar System was installed at the hotel and comprises of 28 panels and 2 1500L thermodynamic tanks, with an extra coil and an air/water heater pump as backup.

ENERGIE’s newest model, the Aquapura EVI 17, is used as their backup heat pump and will only activate in the case of an unlikely ‘emergency’.

With this new water heating installation, ENERGIE predicts the hotel will amass savings of up to 70%, and these savings will quickly recover the costs of the investment.

This project not only emphasises ENERGIES thermodynamic solar systems’ maximum efficiency and high energy savings by using the sun, wind and rain as renewable energy sources, but also shows their incredible high-performance ratio.

Not only is the hotel saving costs by installing ENERGIES Thermodynamic solar systems, but they are also saving the environment and promoting a healthy eco-system through using renewable energy sources.