A recent case study by ENERGIE shows that investing in Solar Thermodynamic technology is not only efficient for households, but for large-scale businesses and corporations too!

Spazio Fitness and Health Sports Complex is a sports, health and wellbeing centre located in the Spanish city of Granada that is in association with leading sports brand, Reebok. Spazio has just installed Four ENERGIE Solar Blocks and 124 ENERGIE panels to efficiently optimise the heating of their 450mᶟ indoor pool and their locker room showers, which amounts to 12,000 Litres per day from their users.

With around 800 users per day, using ENERGIES Solar Thermodynamic Hot Water Systems is expected to save about 60% of the cost of using gas boilers, leading to a return on their investment in under 5 years!

Investing in Solar renewable energy technologies to replace traditional power sourcing methods has become popular within the business sector, as It reflects positive corporate social responsibility values and provides sizeable power savings and fast return on investment. Actively using Solar methods for power generation has become more achievable for businesses and corporations .

By more and more large-scale businesses and corporations investing in solar alternatives to power their operations, the effects of climate change can be significantly reduced, thus contributing to the achieving the targets set by the Worldwide Paris Climate Change Agreement.