Globally, a total of 63 GW of wind power capacity was installed in 2015, driven massively by China which installed a record 30 GW of new capacity.  The 64 GW, recorded by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), represents an annual market growth of 22%.

Away from China, the US market installed 8.6 GW on the back of a strong fourth quarter surge due to the extension of the renewable tax credit. 

Germany led a stronger than expected performance in Europe with a record 6 GW of new installations, including 2.3 GW offshore, says GWEC.

According to GWEC the total global wind capacity reached 432 GW at the end of 2015.

China’s record capacity growth means it has now edged past the EU in terms of total installed capacity, with 145 GW compared to the EU’s 142 GW.  China’s push for new wind is driven by its aim to reduce dependence on coal for air quality reasons.  Meanwhile, India installed 2.6 GW of wind in 2015.