Wild Tomato article

An article in the August 2020 edition of Nelson/Tasman/Marlborough magazine, Wild Tomato, featuring an installation of our hot water and underfloor heating systems

Renewable energy to expand by 50% in next 5 years

Global supplies of renewable electricity are growing faster than expected.

Irish Examiner article on thermodynamic technology

The Irish Examiner newspaper published this article in October 2016 exploring how thermodynamic technology works, with a focus on domestic hot water needs in the Irish wet and overcast climate.

Auckland Home Show 2019 article about solar thermodynamics

Environmentally sustainable solar thermodynamic is on trend

EECA Report On Energy Efficiency

EECA advise that the key solution to combating climate change is energy efficiency.

Article About Energie Installation in Nelson

An article written for EBOSS (online catalogue of suppliers and products aimed at architects) about a local installation of solar thermodynamic hot water

When will we learn?

Coal, carbon and climate change - Global carbon dioxide emissions are at recorded high levels and coal burning is the principal culprit.

Why Choose the Energie Thermodynamic System?

There are so many good reasons why you should choose the Energie thermodynamic water heating system over conventional solar water heating systems that we just had to make a list for you!

The Fermentist - commercial hot water

Updates from recent visit to customer site: The Fermentist, Christchurch

We Need an Energy Efficiency Revolution

Improving energy efficiency and reducing energy demand are the fastest, cheapest and safest means to mitigate climate change.

Visit To The Energie Factory in Portugal

We visited Energie in Portugal in July 2019

Do I Need To Apply For A Building Consent?

A quick guide about what to expect when applying for consent for your solar or heat pump water heating system

2017 was a record year for electric vehicles

By the end of 2017 there were over 3 million electric vehicles worldwide

California mandates solar panels for new homes

Come on New Zealand, we're far behind!

A new transport revolution is coming

The world is about to undergo another major transport revolution: by low carbon and low emission technologies

Plummeting costs for wind, solar and batteries pose challenge to fossil fuels

Wind, solar and battery technologies are posing an 'unprecedented challenge' to coal and gas

World Energy Generation: The Real Picture

Low carbon energy options are growing, however there's also a resumption of growth in global carbon emissions.

Good News! New York State Doesn't Listen to Trump

New York is committing to renewable energy

Good news! World's largest virtual power plant planned in Australia

South Australia's virtual solar power plant

Good News! All renewable energy technologies ‘will be cost competitive by 2020’

Technology improvements, competitive procurement and proficiency of global project developers will lower costs further.

ENERGIE Provides the Ultimate Guest Treatment

A new installment of ENERGIES commercial hot water heating system is providing a hotel with not only massive cost savings, but huge energy efficiency.

Climate Change - Its Now or Never!

With the window to keep global temperature rises to 1.5ᵒC quickly closing, Marc Height looks at the pace and scale of technology deployment needed to keep us below the limit.

China Leads the Way

Renewable energy is expected to grow almost a third by 2022, reaching over 8,000TWh in renewable energy, with China at the forefront of this growth.

Insulation Industry Urges Landlords to Speed up Insulating Rentals

The Government have finally succumbed to the requests of renters around New Zealand to fix the shocking rental insulation issues. By 2019 all rental properties must meet specific insulation requirements, however the Insulation Association of New Zealand are already facing numerous problems.

Car-makers Following in Tesla’s Tracks

More and more global car-makers are complying to the worlds demand for electric vehicles, with the biggest industry players set to release fleets of new electric vehicles in the upcoming years, replacing the conventional internal combustion engine.

Electric Vehicles to Outsell Petrol Cars by 2040!

As the prices of lithium-ion batteries drop, as do the prices of Electric Vehicles making them a more affordable alternative to conventional internal combustion engine vehicles.

Reebok Turns To ENERGIE

Spazio Fitness and Health Sport Complex has recently invested in ENERGIES Thermodynamic Solar Energy systems.

Climate Change - Open Letter to all MPs

NGO’s demand zero carbon act in open letter

Good News!

Business leaders and industry set out pathway to halve emissions by 2040. China’s National Energy Administration announced that it will spend $363bn. Generation revolution – power without coal

Island of Energy - The Way Forward!

Svend Auken, Denmark's Minister for Envionrment, held a competition to encourage Danish islands to consider how their clean energy potential could be achieved. As a result, Samso, a small island west of Copenhagen, transitioned to 100% renewable power in just a decade!

Uncertainty over US' future overshadows COP22 climate talks

There is a question mark over proceedings in the form of the arrival US president-elect Donald Trump.

Global Warming – Undeniable, Where to Go from Here?

The year 2015 has been confirmed as the warmest year since records began with key and critical indictors reflecting the effects of our changing climate. The ‘State of the Climate’ report from the American Meteorological Society (AMS) gives a snapshot of climate change impacts on 2015 – a year in which a strong El Niňo acted to boost the long-term warming trend.

Renewables continue to dominate new power additions

Globally, a total of 63 GW of wind power capacity was installed in 2015.

Energy Demand (and emissions) will continue to grow - BP

The demand for energy will continue to grow substantially over the next 20 years.

Bump in the road for US Clean Power Plan?

US President's ambitions to tackle US power sector emissions have been put on hold.

More world energy news

Big contenders have shown big interest in encouraging the use of renewable energy

Electric vehicles on the way

Electric vehicle's infrastructure helping to reduce carbon emissions

COP21 ends with first ever global deal on climate change

Parties agree on compromise text that aims to hold temperature increase to 'well below 2°C'

Solar power continues to break records

PV makes up one-third of new renewable capacity

Non-OECD markets lead wind growth in 2014

Worldwide Wind Report registered a wind growth of 16% in 2014 to a total of 370GW of installed capacity.

Half of energy capacity in 2030 - Europe will be renewable

More than half of electricity generation capacity in Europe will be from renewable energy sources by 2030..

World Energy News

The US is now the world’s largest energy producer. How did this happen & what does this mean? Click the title to find out more.

History of Solar Systems

Man has been harnessing the sun's power for centuries. Here is a quick explanation of the stages we have gone through and where we sit today.

What is Renewable Energy?

An explanation of energy, its laws and a few extra facts about Renewable Energy you might not know