Isn’t it time you reduced your electricity bill?

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Introducing our new awesome next generation thermodynamic solar hot water system which will provide all your hot water, for the same cost as running a small fridge.

This is stunning new technology. Old traditional solar water heating systems only work during the day when the sun is out. Our Thermodynamic solar system works at night!

Yes 24 hours a day all year saving you money!

Just one lightweight solar panel can supply your hot water cylinder and save you 85% on your water heating cost.  Our system uses free renewable energy obtained from the atmosphere, which drastically reduces your carbon footprint, helping to preserve the environment and reduce the plundering of the earth’s fossil fuels and the release of gasses which cause global warming. There is usually no building consent required and once the system is installed it is maintenance free and doesn’t require a backup system. The system is highest quality European manufacture and has an expected life span of 25 years. It is high-tech mean it is possible to combine it with a PV system and produce your hot water for free.

This can save a family of 4 over $1,500 a year and will pay back your investment in around 3 years’.

Electricity cost increase every year so why not start reducing your bill now and help the environment?


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