We are proud to be the only supplier of Energie thermodynamic solar hot water technology in New Zealand. We distribute all over the country and have a trusted network of installers who are accredited to commission our systems.

For new builds the installation usually requires two visits to your site. The first is to fit the thermodynamic solar panel and run the pair coil refrigerant pipes to the cylinder location. Your plumber will then install the cylinder. Once the cylinder is in place and full of water, our technician returns for the second visit to link it to the thermodynamic solar panel and commission the system.

For a retrofit we can send you a list of things we need to know to quote, or may do a site visit if possible.

For commercial installations we work together closely with you throughout the process. After gathering as much information about your requirements as possible, we send the information to Energie, the manufacturers in Portugal, who size the system accurately for us. We then manage the installation here in New Zealand.

If you are interested in an installation in your area, please contact us