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PIR Insulation (Eurothane GP) - You won't beat 'R' value!

No you won’t! There is no other insulation product used in constructing buildings which has such fantastic thermal performance as PIR insulation.

You may have seen it on “Grand Designs” where it is used because it completely outperforms outdated glass wool products.

Its unbeatable thermal performance is almost double that of standard glass wool insulation.

What is PIR Insulation (Eurothane GP) ?

Eurothane insulation is primarily used to insulate buildings. It is a PIR insulation – so it is a close packed foam which has a closed cell structure.  This means it has incredible insulation properties and it is also very light and yet has a high compressive strength and structural stability. It has an aluminium foil on both sides to further enhance its thermal performance. This foil also acts as a vapour barrier.  

PIR Insulation (Eurothane GP) is a general purpose board which means that it can be used in your floor, walls or roof.  It is available in 2400x1200mm sheets and we stock it in a number of thicknesses 25, 40, 50, 60, 70, 75, 90 and 120mm.

PIR Insulation (Eurothane GP) will repay its cost many times over in the life of a building, saving you a small fortune in heating bills but more importantly improving your health, comfort and general environment.

Insulation should be the first priority when energy saving.  It is number one when it comes to the best use of money from a payback or efficiency point of view.

Why use PIR Insulation (Eurothane GP)?

Its big advantage is its thermal performance, or ‘R’ value. ‘R’ value is a measure of thermal resistance of a product, the higher the value the better it’s resistance.

To give you an example, most kiwi houses have an exterior wall made out of 90mm thick timber studs which means you can only get 90mm of insulation in your exterior walls.  Your normal standard insulation batts will give you an ‘R’ Value of 2.2 but our Eurothane insulation gives you an incredible ‘R’ value of 4.1, so almost double and there is no other type of construction insulation that we can find in the world that has such an incredibly good insulation values.

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