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PIR Insulation (Eurothane GP)  is a high performance rigid PIR foam insulation board used to insulate roofs, floors or walls. Eurothane GP is suitable for use between the suds and/or as an insulated sheathing, and is ideal for installing beneath under-floor heating systems.

The boards measure 2400 x 1200mm and come in a wide range of thicknesses allowing you to meet the building regulations with any form of timber or metal-framed wall construction without taking too much space.

Check out the incredible R-Values below:


R Value

25mm 1.10
40mm 1.80
50mm 2.25
60mm 2.70
70mm 3.15
75mm 3.40
90mm 4.05
120mm 5.45

The above thicknesses are available in stock. However we can also obtain other thicknesses between 20mm & 150mm upon special request.

A few extra points to note about PIR Insulation (Eurothane GP) :

  • Eurothane GP is lightweight, tough and is easily cut using a knife or fine-toothed saw. 
  • The boards are resistant to the passage of vapor and are not affected by air filtration.
  • The manufacturer uses an agent which causes zero ozone depletion.
  • The material is not harmful to installers or occupiers of the house.
  • The boards have a B.S. Class 1 fire rating.

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