The smartest way to heat water

A world-leading solar thermodynamic hot water system
for homes & businesses all over NZ

Why choose solar thermodynamic hot water?

Works night and day

Works day & night

Reliably supplies hot water 24/7

Works all seasons

Works all seasons

Effective water heating all through the year

Saves 85%

Save up to 85%

Significant savings on your power bill

Maximum efficiency

Maximum efficiency

COP 1:5 in the sun, but doesn’t rely on the sun to operate effectively

Low maintenance system

No maintenance

It's a maintenance-free, fit and forget system 

Smart controller

Easy to operate

Smart controller allows choice of operation modes. Compatible with photo voltaic.



A solar-assisted, air-to-water heat pump, taking heat from the environment

New Zealand wide

NZ-wide installs

Installation & tech support throughout NZ. Proven reliable European technology.

How does it work?

Refrigerant liquid passes through the aluminium panel, gathering free heat from the surrounding air.

The liquid then boils and become a hot gas, which is then compressed, dramatically increasing its temperature.

The heat is transferred to the water, by a coil around the cylinder, causing the gas to re-condense, and return to the solar panel.

The system is essentially a solar-assisted air to water heat pump. Having a panel outside means it's 30% more efficient than a standard air to water heat pump because of the solar gain.

It's a low maintenance, fit and forget system.

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We Install Domestic & Commercial Systems

The Energie system heats all the water for your family home or commercial business with great efficiency and major energy savings – even on rainy days and at night! From 250 litres to 6000 litres, we have your hot water needs covered. Enjoy huge cost savings and help to protect the environment with this proven, next-generation thermodynamic technology. Click on the 'domestic' or 'commercial' images below, to find out more.

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Our Manufacturer, Energie

Energie are renowned and respected world leaders in solar thermodynamic technology. Based in Portugal, they have been manufacturing for 40 years and have installations in over 40 countries.

We are proud to be their exclusive supplier and installer in New Zealand.

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