Central Heating

You can now keep your whole house warm and cosy, with the lowest possible running costs.

The Energie solar thermodynamic central heating system works on the same principles as the domestic or large volume hot water, except it has a separate Solar Block which contains the compressor, heat exchanger and electronic controls in a separate cabinet (the block).

As centrally heating a home means heating large areas of air within the home, it requires multiple solar panels. The number of panels you require depends on the size of your home, the height of your ceilings, the standard of your insulation and several other factors. Six or twelve panels are most common.

As the Energie system produces hot water at 55°C, it is ideal for hydronic (water-filled) underfloor heating systems or low temperature radiators.

We can work with your central heating designer to design, supply and install a full underfloor central heating system in the new home you are building.


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