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Solar thermodynamic system helps reduce carbon emissions for NZ industry

TAEC have installed a 120 panel solar thermodynamic system for Fonterra to help reduce carbon emissions

Energy efficient hot water for Papakāinga development

TAEC are proud to be supplying and installing solar thermodynamic systems into all 20 homes in the largest papakāinga development.

Case Study: Community pool is the first in NZ to be heated by solar thermodynamic system

The Rongotea community are excited to be using the first solar thermodynamic heated public swimming pool in New Zealand.

Case-Study: Cardrona Valley Waste Water Treatment Plant

The Alternative Energy Company supplied and installed a solar thermodynamic water heating system for the Cardrona waste water treatment plant, commissioned in September 2020.

Case-study: Solar Thermodynamic System for large office block

TAEC commission their largest solar thermodynamic system so far.

Choose electricity over natural gas to cut your carbon footprint

The time of natural gas is coming to an end - choose electricity to heat your home and water

Climate Change Commission 2021 Draft Advice

The NZ Climate Change Commission has released a draft document for consultation, setting out the path that Aotearoa should follow to reduce our carbon emissions.

Owner's Manuals

Got a technical question about your system? Have a look at our Eco, EcoTop or Solar Box owner's manuals.

EBOSS article re solar thermodynamic hot water

An educational article about smart reliable hot water systems

Irish Examiner article on thermodynamic technology

The Irish Examiner newspaper published this article in October 2016 exploring how thermodynamic technology works, with a focus on domestic hot water needs in the Irish wet and overcast climate.

Auckland Home Show 2019 article about solar thermodynamics

Environmentally sustainable solar thermodynamic is on trend

EECA Report On Energy Efficiency

EECA advise that the key solution to combating climate change is energy efficiency.

Article about Energie installation in Nelson

An article written for EBOSS (online catalogue of suppliers and products aimed at architects) about a local installation of solar thermodynamic hot water

We need an energy efficiency revolution

Improving energy efficiency and reducing energy demand are the fastest, cheapest and safest means to mitigate climate change.

Do I need to apply for a building consent?

A quick guide about what to expect when applying for consent for your solar or heat pump water heating system

Climate change - its now or never!

With the window to keep global temperature rises to 1.5ᵒC quickly closing, Marc Height looks at the pace and scale of technology deployment needed to keep us below the limit.