Why Choose Us

Maximum Efficiency

Maximum energy efficiency

  • COP 1:5 when panels are in the sun
  • COP 1:3-5 when panels are not in the sun
  • Compatible with Photo Voltaic (PV) panels 
Save up to 85%

Save up to 85% on your hot water bills

  • Provides all of your hot water for about the same cost as running a fridge
  • No expensive backup system needed
  • Not many appliances in the home pay you back!
High quality European manufacture

High quality European manufacture

  • Used in over 45 countries around the world
  • Proven system produced by brand leader, Energie, for over 30 years
  • 25 years minimum expected life-span
  • No maintenance, fit and forget!
Works all year round

Works through all seasons

  • High efficiency system performance, enhanced by sun, wind & rain
  • All your hot water supplied all year
  • Solar panel does not boil or freeze
  • Works 24 hours a day, including at night!
New Zealand owned and operated

New Zealand owned & operated

  • As a small company, we take care of our customers
  • Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable service
  • We're easy to contact
  • We do installations throughout NZ
Experience and Epertise

Experience and Expertise

  • Quick installation (normally within a day for domestic systems)
  • Products approved and certified to AS/NZS 2712:2007
  • We manage all the install process ourselves and have 10 years experience
  • Proud to be exclusive supplier and installer of Energie products in NZ


“Since having the Energie system installed, I have had constant, high-pressure hot water, and a greatly reduced electricity bill. I am very pleased with this hot water system and I am happy to recommend it. The service that I had in my difficult situation was exemplary and I am pleased to recommend The Alternative Energy Company to you.”

Peter Toll

Our Installation Process

We are proud to be the only supplier of Energie thermodynamic solar hot water technology in New Zealand. We distribute all over the country and manage the installation process ourselves. We have a trusted network of installers who are accredited to commission our systems. 

For new builds, we first need to check the placement of the equipment. You share your plans with us and we recommend the best system to suit your design. We can then give a quote for a fully-installed system and can do detailed location drawings for the cylinder and solar thermodynamic panel for you and your builder to approve. The installation usually requires two visits to your site. The first visit is to fit the thermodynamic solar panel and run the pair of coil refrigerant pipes to the cylinder location. Your plumber will then install the cylinder. Once the cylinder is in place and full of water, our technician returns for the second visit to link it to the thermodynamic solar panel and commission the system.

For a retrofit, we can send you a list of things we need to know, in order to provide an accurate quote, or we may do a site visit if possible.

For commercial installations, we work together closely with you throughout the process. After gathering as much information about your requirements as possible, we send the information to Energie, the manufacturers in Portugal, who size the system accurately for us. We then manage the installation here in New Zealand.

If you are interested in an installation in your area, please contact us for more information.

We promote energy efficiency

By using energy efficient products, you can reduce your burden on the electricity generation industry because your household requires less electricity. In New Zealand, heating water can take up to 50% of a household energy bill. Our solar thermodynamic hot water system is the most energy efficient way to heat your water and will save up to 80% of your water heating costs. An energy efficient appliance like our Eco or EcoTop solar thermodynamic hot water system will use a lot less electricity than any other water heating system, saving your pocket and the environment.

Our cylinders are also PV-compatible, which is great news if you have, or are planning on, Photo Voltaic (PV) solar panels. The electronic control panel can interface with your PV system to maximise efficiency.

Our PIR insulation panels are also part of our energy efficiency commitment. You get the most R-value of anything on the market for the width of the panels. The panels will provide a superior R-value and perform consistently for the lifetime of the build, (it doesn’t sag, rot, degrade, or need replacing) making your house warmer, dryer and requiring less energy to heat or cool.

Our solar thermodynamic system uses the free and completely sustainable elements that surround your thermodynamic panel – sun, wind, rain, frost, snow: it all helps to heat the refrigerant liquid inside the panel which, in turn, heats your water. Plus, a small amount of electricity for the compressor (400W per hour, when it is running) means zero pollution. So using natural resources means no impact on future generations to be able to do the same. 

Solar thermodynamic hot water is a responsible environmental choice.