About Us

The Alternative Energy Company was founded in 2012 to promote and sell renewable energy and energy saving products and so reduce the use of fossil fuels and reduce carbon emissions.

It introduced solar thermodynamic water heating technology to New Zealand for the first time and has the rights to the exciting range of products from the brand leading manufacturer, Energie.

It has also introduced Eurothane GP PIR insulation, an advanced and vastly superior insulation product used in construction.

We are passionate about renewable energy solutions and energy saving technologies

The company’s aim is to widen the awareness and uptake of our Energie solar enhanced thermodynamic hot water technology until it is the first choice for all buildings in New Zealand, both residential and commercial. This is because we believe it is the most energy efficient, cost effective and environmentally sound way to heat water on the market.  

We are based in Mapua, near sunny Nelson in the top of the South Island. This location puts us near the geographic centre of New Zealand, and we distribute and install throughout the country.

Our staff love living and working in this beautiful part of New Zealand. We are Peter, Patty, Trish, Amy and Geoff and we are keen to help you.