Customer Referrals -
Energie Thermodynamic Hot Water System



Dean and Kennys Pester

"We are really pleased with our Alternative Energy hot water system - its efficiency and cost effectiveness are great. The company and installers informative and easy to work with. It has been a great choice for us."


Fraser and Jenny Magee

"If I was doing it all over again, I would definitely choose thermodynamic again."

(A note from The Alternative Energy Company; Fraser has since been a referral for potential customers and agreed to have a case study written about their installation. Read the full article here:


Barry Weastell

"Thank you, My Energie thermodynamic system works extremely well no matter what the weather condition is outside. The hot water is at 55 degrees, high pressure and is constant. These units are a great idea and are worth the investment. I live in Christchurch where temperatures are up and down summer and winter and it produces hot water night and day. Great product."


Fred and Wendy Grindlay

“Now that we are settled in, we felt that we must thank you and your amazing team for a wonderful job done.  From your team in the office to on site the whole experience has been fantastic. Everyone we have come into contact with have been friendly and helpful - we could not have asked for more.”


John and Wendy Portis

“John and I are just so happy with your system, brilliant and just so easy to run once installed, not like our previous solar system where we needed to switch to power to suit the sun conditions.

Your installation service was well within time frames and efficient.  Although our plumber was not familiar with system when setting up, he now knows.

If ever you want to let somebody talk with us we are more than happy even to allow access to our home.  Money and investment well spent.”

(A note from The Alternative Energy Company; Wendy has since been a referral for a potential customer who had their system installed December 2016)


Don and Cathy Knight

“We are very satisfied with performance - it has cut our water bill per month to around $30 consistently.”


Mike Davies

“I am very satisfied with the performance of the Solar Thermodynamic Hot Water System.”


Peter Toll

“Since having the Energie system installed, I have had constant hot water at much improved pressure than previously and a greatly reduced electricity bill.  I am very pleased with this hot water system and I am happy to recommend it. The service that I had in my difficult situation was exemplary and I am pleased to recommend The Alternative Energy Company to you.”


Cindy Chambers

“I had my Solar Water Heating system installed in 2014 after my hot water cylinder broke.  The team at The Alternative Energy Company were extremely helpful and made the change over a breeze.  Amazing to go from low pressure to high!! I would highly recommend a Solar Water Heating system.”


Mick and Karen Toll

“We did a lot of research and decided this latest technology from The Alternative Energy Company would be the future for solar water heating.  Our system was installed in April 2014 so we have now come through a cold winter and have never had to think about hot water because it’s always there.  The installation was quick, clean and efficient and was all done in a day.  A great system with a great service.  We would recommend your system to everyone.”

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