Our Green Commitment

We promote energy efficiency

By using energy efficient products, you can reduce your burden on the electricity generation industry because your household requires less electricity. In New Zealand heating water can take up to 50% of a household energy bill. Our solar thermodynamic hot water system is the most energy efficient way to heat your water and will save up to 80% of your water heating costs. Using an energy efficient appliance like our Eco or EcoTop solar thermodynamic hot water system uses a lot less electricity than any other water heating system, saving your pocket and the environment.

Our cylinders are also PV-compatible, great news if you have, or are planning on solar panels. The smart controller recognises when the PV panels are producing electricity and raises the temperature set points. This enables you to save the energy as hot water for later use. It also means you don’t require such a big PV array.

Our PIR insulation panels are also part of our energy efficiency commitment. You get the most R-value of anything on the market for the width of the panels. The panels will provide a superior R-value and perform consistently for the lifetime of the build (it doesn’t sag, rot, degrade, or need replacing), making your house warmer and dryer and requiring less energy to heat or cool.

We are concerned for the environment

Our staff all live within a 3km radius of work and cycle to and from work wherever possible.

Our office recycles or composts our waste, and our warehouse recycles and reuses packaging wherever possible.

As part of our green commitment, this year we have joined the community that makes up the NZ Green Building Council, a not-for-profit organisation that advocates for the building of better, greener, more sustainable buildings in NZ. The organisation has the admirable aim of “making healthier, happier New Zealanders”.

As a member of the NZGBC, we aim to make new connections so we can work with other progressive businesses from all parts of the building and property industry, to help accelerate the development and adoption of green building practices in the New Zealand building industry. We believe our solar thermodynamic hot water system and PIR insulation both have a strong role to play in green, sustainable, energy-efficient building in this country.

We believe in renewable energy solutions

New Zealand’s share of renewable electricity generation is the 3rd highest in the OECD (source: MBIE), but we believe we can still do better.

We are opposed to the use of fossil fuels

In NZ our electricity is mostly produced by renewable processes - about 80% of our electricity is from renewable sources, produced from hydro, wind, and geo-thermal (source: MBIE).

Burning natural gas to heat water is a popular water heating option for a lot of people in New Zealand, especially those who live in cities that have reticulated gas piped to the house. But natural gas is a fossil fuel, the burning of which is contributing to our nation’s carbon footprint. Marcus Baker from Apricus NZ Eco Energy recently published an interesting article in EBOSS about how use of gas is not a low carbon option for NZers.

Our solar thermodynamic system uses the free and completely sustainable elements that surround your thermodynamic panel – sun, wind, rain, frost, snow: it all helps to heat the refrigerant liquid inside the panel which, in turn, heats your water. Plus, a small amount of electricity for the compressor (400W per hour, when it is running) means zero pollution. So using natural resources means no impact on future generations to be able to do the same.