Why Choose Us


savings of up to 85% on hot water bills


  • Saves up to 85% on your hot water bills

  • Provides all of your hot water for the same cost as a fridge

  • No expensive backup system needed

  • Even works at night saving you money

why choose us for solar hot water


  • Works in all seasons and all conditions

  • All your hot water supplied all year

  • Works 24 hours a day, including at night!

products are high quality European manufacture


  • High quality European manufacture

  • Used in over 45 countries around the world

  • Proven system produced by brand leader, Energie, for over 30 years

  • 25 years expected life

high efficiency solar hot water system
  • High efficiency system performance enhanced by sun, wind and rain

  • Short payback period (4 person household around 4 years)

  • Excellent return on investment

contact us for hot water solutions


  • We are NZ owned and operated

  • As a small company we take a lot more care of each customer

  • Friendly helpful service and knowledgeable advice

  • We try harder

usually no building consent required for our solar hot water systems
  • Usually no building consent required

  • No heavy water on the roof, doesn't boil, doesn't freeze

  • No maintenance, fit and forget!

We believe in renewable energy solution


  • We believe in renewable energy solutions

  • We promote energy efficiency

  • We are opposed to the use of fossil fuels

  • We are concerned for the environment