Do I need to apply for a building consent?

We understand how difficult it can be to go through necessary processes with council and other government bodies. Here are some guidelines to help you with the building consent process when installing a solar or heat pump water heating system.

1. All water heating devices need a building consent.

This is because there are major safety risks associated with water cylinders, large loads on your roof (although this is not a worry with the Energie system as our panels weigh only 8kg!) and piping throughout the house causing possible water damage to your home. 

2. For new build homes the hot water cylinder will be on the plans and included in the initial overall building consent.

We will supply the documents relevant to support our solar thermodynamic hot water system when you apply for a building consent. Because our solar panel is only 8kg and the system is not puncturing the roof with water it does not require a separate consent.

If you are upgrading an existing hot water system you also don’t need a consent as long the cylinder is staying in the same position, or near to its original position. However if you are moving the cylinder to a new location, you will need consent to meet plumbing regulations. In both cases you need a certified plumber to plumb in the cylinder. We handle the installation of our solar panel, not the plumber.


Applying for a building consent

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