Case Study: Community pool is the first in NZ to be heated by solar thermodynamic system

Rongotea is a forward-looking farming community in the heart of the Manawatu. The Rongotea community are excited to be using the first solar thermodynamic heated public swimming pool in New Zealand. Like many rural areas in New Zealand, the Rongotea school and it's community swimming pool are the hub of the community. The pool plays an important role in the public life of the district.

The Alternative Energy Company supplied and installed the system which consists of a Solar Block and heat exchanger with 28 solar thermodynamic panels. The panels were mounted on an existing 30° pitch structure which faces due north. The solar block and heat exchanger are housed in a plant room near the pool. The solar thermodynamic system replaced many meters of black polythene pipe.

The solar thermodynamic system maintains the pool at 26° which is the recommended temperature for pools used for events and competitions. This energy efficient technology means the community can enjoy an extended swimming season and running costs are minimised.

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