We need an energy efficiency revolution

Improving energy efficiency and reducing energy demand are the most promising, fastest, cheapest and safest means to mitigate climate change. This is supported by EECA (see our blog entry about the EECA report). 

But if we are to have any chance of keeping global temperature increases to less than 2oC, we need an energy efficiency revolution.  Many opportunities are cost-effective at current energy prices and can deliver additional benefits such as improved energy security, reduced fuel poverty and increased economic productivity.

Research will play a crucial role in achieving this revolution, both to develop and demonstrate new, energy efficient technologies and to better understand the determinants of energy demand and the means by which it may be reduced.

From an engineering perspective, there are three ways of reducing energy demand:

  1. By improving the thermodynamic efficiency of energy conversion devices such as boilers and engines;
  2. By preserving, heat, light, momentum or materials in passive systems, such as house and cars; and
  3. By reducing demand for final energy services such as thermal comfort and mobility.

Here at The Alternative Energy Company we are already helping reduce energy demand in these three areas:

  • Our ‘Energie’ thermodynamic solar system is an extremely efficient energy conversion device;
  • We retain heat with our high performance ‘Eurothane’ PIR insulation;
  • We reduce demand for final energy service (i.e. demand for electricity) with the ‘Energie’ systems reducing hot water and central heating running costs by up to 80%.

We have these next generation energy efficient products available now.  So do your part and join the revolution.

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