Solar Block

The Solar Block is a multi-panel system available in a range of sizes: 6, 12, 16, 28 and 40 solar thermodynamic panels.
It is suitable for apartment blocks, motels, pools and a range of industry applications where large volumes of hot water are needed.
The compressor is very efficient with very low energy consumption.
It is possible to have multiple Solar Block systems in sequence if required. For example, 3 Solar Blocks, each with 40 panels, making a 120 panel total.

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Case Study - Energy Efficient Apartment Building

Domestic hot water and radiator heating

TAEC supplied and installed a 64-panel solar thermodynamic system for the new build 12-storey apartment block at 40-44 Frederick St, Wellington. The building houses 76 small apartments for 1-2 people, with a total occupancy of 120 people.

The system was commissioned in August 2023 and provides domestic hot water, as well as hot water for radiators, in all the apartments. It comprises 2 Solar Block units, each with 32 solar thermodynamic panels, two 2000L stainless steel hot water tanks with internal heating coil for the domestic hot water, and a 2000L stainless steel hot water tank (with no internal coil) for the central heating.

"We were in search of an eco-friendly solution for heating hot water, and we couldn't be happier with The Alternative Energy Company. The system has helped us to achieve a Homestar rating on our 12-story apartment complex, but also provides efficient and reliable hot water. We highly recommend it to any business who wants to make a positive environmental impact, whilst enjoying the benefits of a top-notch heating system.”

Tony Mui, Construction Management Trainee, McKee Fehl Constructors Ltd