Solar Box

Do you want to keep your existing hot water cylinder? You can use our Solar Box, which connects to your existing cylinder and uses our eco-friendly technology to save you 75% off your hot water bill.

The system contains the Solar Box (Compressor, heat exchanger, circulation pump & electronic controls) and the solar thermodynamic panel.

The installation of the Solar Box is straight-forward. The box normally sits next to your existing cylinder and is connected to your cylinder's cold feed and hot supply pipe work, or to a solar ready port, or a 5 way valve can be used.

You require just one lightweight solar thermodynamic panel located outside (normally on your roof).  We then connect the panel to the Solar Box using insulated copper pair coil pipe.  We then purge the system and introduce the refrigerant. The whole installation is normally completed in 1 day and you can then start to enjoy your savings! 

The versatile solar box system can be used with 1 or 2 solar thermodynamic panels and can be used for other forms of heating. With 2 panels it can heat up to 40m2 of underfloor heating. It can be used also for heating a spa pool.


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