Compact   -   Fast   -   Efficient

The exceptional performance of an air-to-water heat pump


New to New Zealand!

Save up to 75% off your water heating bill


Introducing the Aquapura Monobloc range of air-to-water heat pumps from Portuguese manufacturer and brand leader, Energie. Aquapura Monobloc offers exceptional performance in water heating by using heat pump technology to heat the water in the cylinder.

The compact, slimline design of the all-in-one cylinder means there's no need for a large separate heat pump unit sitting outside your house, unlike some split units on the market.

We stock three products in this exciting new range:

  • Aquapura Monobloc 100esm.   This small cylinder can heat 100 litres of water in 2 hours – the smallest and fastest on the NZ market! Ideal for houses that use low volumes of hot water, including tiny homes.
  • Aquapura Monobloc 250i.   Ideal for a family of 4 with moderate hot water usage.
  • Aquapura Monobloc 300i.   Great for a larger household, can cater up to 6 people or families with higher hot water usage.

How it works

An air-to-water heat pump is a modern, efficient and clean solution for producing hot water – it takes heat energy from the atmosphere and transfers it into a usable form inside your cylinder. Heat pumps are a highly cost-effective method of water heating and offer an extremely efficient electricity-based option, as the electricity is only used to move the heat, not to create it.

The Level website (funded by BRANZ) has some good information about how air-to-water heat pumps work.