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Solar that works at night! How it works...

The sun does not always shine. Winter days have an average of seven hours of light and only a few hours of sun. This lack of sunlight limits the effectiveness of traditional solar panels. ‘Energie’ thermodynamic solar panels overcome this constraint. The ‘Energie’ system heats all the water for your family or commercial business with great efficiency and major energy savings – even on rainy days and at night! 

It is a solar system, so how does it work at night?

It works on the thermodynamic principles, namely evaporation, condensation and compression – all these processes generate heat. All you need is one lightweight aluminium solar panel measuring 2000 x 800mm (weighing just eight kilos) and our hot water cylinder with in-built compressor and heat exchanger.

This ‘Energie’ thermodynamic solar system will provide all your hot water.

The system works by using a refrigerant in the panel instead of water. The refrigerant liquid is at approx. -28 degrees Celsius. The air around the panel warms the liquid and it evaporates to form a hot gas. A small compressor attached to the cylinder compresses the gas, giving off even more heat. The very hot gas then travels around a tightly wound heat exchanger which is wrapped around the outside of the cylinder, under the insulation, heating the water in the cylinder. As the gas cools it condensates (giving off more heat) and returns to a liquid, goes back to the panel and the process is repeated.

It is a very simple system with only one moving part (the compressor).  So it is maintenance free - you don't even need to clean the panel! 

As it works by differential temperature – the difference between the temperature of the air around the panel and the very cold liquid in the panel. Unless the outside temperature drops below about -5 to -10 degrees Celsius the ‘Energie’ solar hot water system works all the time, even at night.