How much will it save you?

Let's take a domestic system as an example of the savings you can achieve.

The actual electricity used depends on how much hot water you use for domestic systems.  The only electrical power used runs a small compressor (about the same size as the one on your fridge) and when it is running it uses 390 watts of electricity.  This only runs when the water in the cylinder has dropped below a pre-set temperature which is normally caused by hot water being drawn off and used.  The easiest way to compare its efficiency is to say that if you had a normal cylinder with an electric immersion heater, our cylinder will only use 15% of the electricity to produce the same amount of hot water, saving you up to 85% of your water heating cost.

So, for every $1 spent on heating water with an electric cylinder, you will save up to 85c of each dollar with the Energie system, that is money in the bank, week after week, year after year.