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solar box installation - retro fit solar hot water system to existing cylinder in home new zealand

solar box retro fit solar hot water system for home specifications

Solar Box - connects to your existing hot water cylinder

Want to keep your hot water cylinder? You can use our exciting new Solar Box which connects to your existing cylinder and uses our eco-friendly technology to save you 75% off your hot water bill.

With an amazing range of benefits which include:

  • Saves you up to 75% on your hot water bill
  • Retro fits to your existing cylinder
  • Only one light weight Solar Panel necessary
  • Small compact internal unit (Solar Box)
  • Environmentally friendly fluid
  • Corrosion resistant aluminium panel
  • 10 year warranty on the Solar Panel
  • No maintenance required
  • The Solar Box can be hung on the wall or be placed on the floor
  • Significantly reduces carbon emissions
  • High Performance Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Heats water up to 55oC
  • The Solar Panel can be mounted on the wall or roof
  • No glass or other fragile materials
  • Water circulation pump
  • Superior European and internationally recognised brand
  • No risk of overheating
  • No risk of freezing
  • No loss of performance over time

The Working Principle

An extremely cold refrigerant liquid passes through the solar panel gathering heat from the air surrounding the panel and from the action of the sun, rain and wind. The fluid evaporates into a gas which is then compressed, dramatically increasing its temperature. The heat is then transferred to the circulating water by way of a high performance plate heat exchanger. Finally, the gas goes through an expansion valve, condenses back into a fluid and returns to the aluminium solar panel and the process repeats.

solar box retro fit to existing hot water cylinder - solar hot water nz

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have hot water when there is no sun? 
Yes. The fluid passes through the panel at a very low temperature, because of the thermal difference; the solar panel can capture the heat from the warmer air surrounding the panel and transmits it to the water via a heat exchanger. So it even works at night!

Does the Solar Box require extensive maintenance care?
Maintenance is non-existent and the fluid does not need to be recharged.

How far can the panel be from the Solar Box?
At a maximum distance of 12 metres.

How long will it take to install?
Normally installed in a day

How big is the Solar Box?
438mm high, 367mm wide, 318mm deep

How big is the Solar Panel?
2,000mm wide, 800mm high, 20mm thick (only weighs 8 kilos)

Does the Solar Panel have to go on the roof?
No, the Solar Panel can also be hung vertically on a wall or balcony or even be mounted on the ground.