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Eco - The most advanced solar water heater in the world

Domestic hot water - hot water for the home at the least cost

The sun does not always shine, and lack of sunlight limits the effectiveness of traditional solar panels. ‘Energie’ thermodynamic solar panels overcome this constraint. The ‘Energie’ system heats all the water for your family with great efficiency and major energy savings – even on rainy days and at night!  

Energie offers you the enjoyment of hot water up to 55º C, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with high energy efficiency and without CO2 into the atmosphere. Additionally, you can expect a big reduction in your energy bill of up to 85%. It is maintenance free, so once installed, you can forget it and think about how you will spend your savings!

Advantages of the Energie Solar Thermodynamic Hot Water System

  • Simple, proven but advanced technology
  • Provides all your hot water all year, no need for a backup system.  Even works at night!
  • Manufactured by European brand leader with over 30 year’s experience
  • No maintenance required
  • One lightweight solar panel (8kg)
  • No building consent normally required
  • Panel does not boil or freeze
  • Expected minimum 25-year life
  • Quick installation (normally within a day)
  • Highest quality engineering
  • All systems are designed and installed to NZ building code
  • Products approved and certified to AS/NZS 2712:2007
  • Save up to 85% of your hot water heating cost!

Energie thermodynamic solar hot water system - the revolutionary thermodynamic solar hot water system that produces hot water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It even works at night!

Enjoy 85% cost savings and help protect the environment with this proven next generation thermodynamic technology.

solar hot water for the home - Energie Solar Thermodynamic hot water